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"This is the perfect way to increase your cash-flow conveniently, and cost-effectively, not to mention how it improves your profile in the eyes of your client"

- Glenn Garnes


"Giving my clients the option of paying with credit has reduced my receivables and has really augmented my business...

"The low monthly fee allows me to offer credit payments for my clients."

- John M.
Family Attorney, VA

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Examples & Scenarios Describing the Key Benefits of Accept by Phone For Lawyers

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Why would you benefit from using Accept by Phone?

Aside from the mobility and affordability of the service, Lawyers actually benefit in numerous and profound ways by using our service - including the obvious credit card processing capabilities...

Example # 1: What Happens After Your Client's Initial Retainer Runs Dry?

Chances are you've been the victim of "volunteer work" in the past for clients who wanted you to conduct filings or otherwise spend time working for them after the initial retainer had run dry. In some cases, due to your own hectic schedule and hassle of collections, there's a good chance you'll never see the money that you're owed.

In normal circumstances, you'd likely follow-up a few times to see if they still want your services, send them an invoice, and then - if they have an outstanding balance - either escalate the situation or cut your losses and move on.

Using Accept by Phone: You could simply call your client once the funds in their retainer had been depleted - even if you're driving home or heading to court - and ask if they wish to continue with your services. If they agreed, you'd simply take their credit card information right then and there, on the spot.

After concluding the call with your client, you'd use your smartphone app to enter the necessary information and quickly complete the payment with their credit card info in a matter of seconds. The funds would later be automatically deposited into your bank account (within 24-72 business hours).

So, not only is it much easier to receive payment from clients with Accept by Phone- you can also streamline your own billing operations and drastically reduce the number of hours you might potentially waste after a client's retainer has been expended.

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Example # 2: They Forgot Their Check-Book And They're Leaving Town For a Few Weeks on Vacation...

You can probably guess how this one's going to end...

Aside from the common courtesies, smiles and gestures of professionalism, in the back of your mind you know very well that chasing down your client for a check is going to be nothing short of agonizing (at best). And perhaps, like thousands of other attorneys, you simply add this job to your ever-growing pile of "accounts receivable".

Under normal circumstances, with enough follow-up, effort and time, you'd likely be able to recover most of your unpaid balances (accounts receivable). However, the amount of time spent doing so may not be worth the effort when compared to simply billing more hours for other clients. This creates a situation where, out of necessity, it might make more sense to simply cut your losses and focus on screening new clients with a new degree of diligence, instead of focusing on collections.

Using Accept by Phone: This situation can be prevented altogether, as almost everyone carries around a credit card in their wallet, and you could've billed your elusive client on the spot before they left your office - or the table at the restaurant, the courthouse, the golf course, etc.

You're not tied to a terminal, so you can process a payment from virtually any location. (This service transforms your smartphone into a mobile point-of-sale terminal.)

Furthermore, as in the example above, you could simply call your client at a later date to take their credit card info over the phone - quick, easy and painless for everyone.

Best of all, you'd be preventing the vicious cycle of accruing receivables that might be left to gather dust due to your busy schedule and, of course, the amount of time & effort that would invariably be required to actually collect on the balance.

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Example # 3: "XYZ Law Firm Said They Accept Credit Cards - Do You?"

If you've ever been asked this question, it's likely the reason why you're on this site.

You want to cater to your client's preferences - and you certainly don't want to lose them to a competing firm! If this is the case, then reading through this site is likely part of your research activities for deciding what sort of merchant account will best suit your needs.

So let's take a look at the differences between using a traditional merchant account (with a terminal), and Accept by Phone...

Function: Both services will provide you with the ability to accept major credit cards. Funds will later be automatically deposited into your bank account, within 24 - 72 hours.

Cost: While a traditional service will have a "lower" discount rate (which is often an introductory rate - check the terms & conditions carefully), they also tack on numerous fees and minimum charges. In fact, a traditional merchant account could end up costing you $65/mo. or more just to have the service available - that's not including any transaction charges or discount rate charges.

And this doesn't include their cancellation fee, which is usually quite steep.

Comparitively, Accept by Phone is just $2.69% for swiped transactions (keyed rate is 3.49% plus $0.19 per transaction). You can use it as little or as much as you'd like - with virtually any size of transaction (ticket size). This means that on a month-to-month basis, Accept by Phone is really more of a "pay as you go" type of service, where you're charged a small percentage per transaction.

There is no cancellation fee, because we believe that if you like our service, you'll stick with us. It's that simple. Clearly, Accept by Phone will be the more affordable option unless you're going to be running a large number of transactions daily, which is unlikely in the legal profession.

Efficiency: In terms of actually processing the sale, using a terminal (swipe machine) will be slightly faster than using Accept by Phone, by about 30 seconds, perhaps.

However, using a terminal is incredibly inefficient for most attorneys who spend most of their day on the road, at court or seeing clients at different locations. This is where Accept by Phone truly shines for attorneys - it just makes sense to be able to accept credit card payments on the spot.

Otherwise, you might as well just stick to asking for checks, because it's almost the same amount of effort and hassle to have your client come to the office in order to swipe their card.

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Tutorial: Walkthrough of an Accept by Phone Transaction

Here is how you process payments using your Accept by Phone account:

STEP 1 - Just swipe card on your phone swiper, or use your phone app if card not present.

STEP 2 - Follow the prompts

STEP 3 - Sale is approved and money is deposited into your account


Primary Advantages of Credit Card Processing via Smartphone:

  1. No expensive credit card terminal or wireless equipment needed
  2. All that is required is a smartphone
  3. NO Monthly Minimums
  4. The funds will be deposited directly into your bank account within 24-72 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).
  5. NO Cancellation Fees
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