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Featured Testimonials:

"This is the perfect way to increase your cash-flow conveniently, and cost-effectively, not to mention how it improves your profile in the eyes of your client"

- Glenn Garnes


"Giving my clients the option of paying with credit has reduced my receivables and has really augmented my business...

"The low monthly fee allows me to offer credit payments for my clients."

- John M.
Family Attorney, VA

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Frequent Questions and Answers about Using Accept by Phone

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Account/Operation-Specific Questions:


Do I need a Credit Card Terminal to accept credit cards?

No, as opposed to traditional credit card processing services, our service does not require you to rent or purchase a credit card terminal. Simply scan your customer's credit card in the credit card reader or enter the information into the smartphone app. This service transforms your smartphone into a mobile point-of-sale terminal!


Are there any hidden costs with Accept-by-Phone?

No, our credit card processing service has no hidden costs or surprises. There are no signup fees, no monthly fees, no monthly minimums, no PCI fees, and no cancellation fee.


How much does it cost me per sale?

Accept credit cards at the low rate of 2.69% for swiped transactions. Transactions keyed into the smartphone app are 3.49% and $0.19 per transaction.


Where is my money deposited?

Directly into your checking account. Your monies will be deposited into your account within 24-72 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).


How long does it take to get set up for credit card processing?

Approval is normally within 24-48 hours, not counting weekends and holidays.


What if I want to cancel, am I locked into a contract?

You can cancel your credit card processing services at any time with no cancellation fee! We trust, however, that the ability to be able to accept credit cards at low rates will prove to be a profit to you.


Can I make money referring other businesses to you who wish to accept credit cards?

Yes, please email us or call if you would like more information.


Can I accept credit cards by phone at anytime of the day?

Yes, you can accept credit cards 24 hours a day.


Can I accept credit cards anywhere?

Yes, whether it be at a Trade Show, at your home, or anywhere -- you can accept credit cards at low rates by simply scanning your customer's credit card into the credit card reader, or keying the information into the smartphone app.


Am I charged a setup fee if I'm not approved to accept credit cards?

There is no setup fee.


How do I sign up to accept Credit Cards?

Simply fill out the online application. It's that simple.


Law Firm-Specific Questions:

Is it ethical and "kosher" for lawyers to accept credit cards from their clients?

Yes, absolutely - several thousand attorneys & law firms across the United States accept credit cards as a form of payment.

To verify that statement, one can refer to the American Bar Association's official stance on the issue. In Formal Opinion 338 (Nov. 6, 1974), the ABA condoned the practice of accepting credit cards for legal fees.

Further, most law practice management advisors (employed by state bars) will recommend that attorneys accept credit cards as a way to improve, simplify and in some cases, increase their revenues.

What about commingling funds, trust accounts and Bar regulations regarding how a law firm handles a client's money?

Accept by Phone can easily be configured to deposit funds according to how your law firm needs to operate, as prescribed by your local Bar (and your own preferences).

We have numerous attorneys using Accept by Phone who needed to be able to ensure the seperation of funds between a trust account and their firm's operating account, and they are more than satisfied with the service in every way. For more information, please feel free to call us at 877-529-1390, or contact us via email.


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