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"This is the perfect way to increase your cash-flow conveniently, and cost-effectively, not to mention how it improves your profile in the eyes of your client"

- Glenn Garnes


"Giving my clients the option of paying with credit has reduced my receivables and has really augmented my business...

"The low monthly fee allows me to offer credit payments for my clients."

- John M.
Family Attorney, VA

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Case Studies & Interviews with Lawyers Who Use Accept by Phone

Interview #1

A Brief Interview with Attorney and Accept by Phone Client Daniel Aharoni:

ABP: How do you like using your Accept by Phone account?

Daniel: Very much

ABP: Is it easy to use?

Daniel: Very easy and mobile; I can charge from anywhere, any time and no equipment.

ABP: Has it helped you and your business?

Daniel: Yes, many clients need to pay me with plastic so it eases things.

ABP: How has it made your life easier?

Daniel: Yes

ABP: What things could be improved upon?

Daniel: The transaction fees total are a disincentive for me for large transactions, so if a reliable client asks "charge or check" for a multi-thousand dollar fee payment, I tend to choose check. If the client is unknown to me, however, the charge card gives me a sense of security and the cost is worth it.


Daniel Aharoni
Attorney at Law
575 Madison Avenue
Suite 1006
New York, New York 10022
telephone (212) 605-0352
Website www.danielaharoni.com

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